Part of the action… WORLD CUP!

Being part of true history in making is an amazing experience. Spaniard make that experience just a little bit more out of control (in a good wayJ) On July 11, 2010 Spain was playing against Holland in the 2010 World Cup Finals and I was in Madrid that day to witness firsthand the unbelievable passion of the Spanish people for football (aka “soccer” in America).

If you know the small streets of Madrid, where the noise travels very quickly, you would understand what I am about to explain… I woke up to an unbearable noise that sounded like someone was playing a broken instrument right in your ear… A few seconds later I realized that it was the beloved World Cup 2010 voovoozela! After trying to fall asleep for a few minutes I realized that it won’t happen today, as more and more voovoozelas joined the first one. So I got up to experience one of the most exciting days of my life… I walked out into the small street where my hostel was located: Calle Valverde and saw floods of red and yellow everywhere… People were dressed in Spanish flags with their entire bodies covered in red and yellow colors (the colors of the Spanish flag) and with voovoozelas in hands. Every car had some type of Spanish memorabilia: flags, signs, colors…and some red cars even painted yellow on them to match the colors.

But it wasn’t just voovoozela’s that made noise, every car made it a point to hunk on every big corner or whenever they saw football fans (which was everywhere). In addition to cars and voovoozela’s, every other Spaniard turned out to be a singer. So I learned some of my first Spanish words “Yo Sol Espanol Espanol Espanol”, “Bamos, Madrid, Bamos”J

After walking around the city for a while I heading down to Plaza Cibeles, where the viewing of the match was going to happen. The entire street was closed down and there was a huge concert with floods of fans again! It seemed as if the population of Madrid increased 10x. It was only about 4pm, which was 4.5 hours before the game start, but it seemed as if Spain already won the match! Everyone was partying and having an amazing time.

8:30PM: the match has started and the noise in the crowd increased… Every time the Spanish team got the ball, the crowd cheered as if it was goalJ! But 45 minutes later and going into the half time, the crowd was getting worried. 0-0 score and strong Dutch defense made it seem as if it would be rather hard for the Spanish team to score and everyone was a little less excited and more concerned.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the square at this time to catch my train to Lisbon. But when I got to the train station, it seemed as if nobody cared about the trains. Entire station was glued to one small TV in the bar, yelling and screaming and worrying just like fans at the Plaza Cibeles. Discouraged and worried half of us left the bar at 10 mins of overtime, knowing well that there is no TV on the train and no mobile reception for the following half hour…

Though I didn’t get to experience the end of the game and crazy celebrations, being in Madrid on July 11, 2010 was a truly unbelievable experience!

Yo Sol Espanol Espanol Espanol! Adios!


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