Interview with Leon Logothetis – TV host, Author & World Traveler

By: Triptrotting Team

We recently had the opportunity to interview one of the Ultimate Triptrotter judges, Leon Logothetis, the host of “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody”, Discovery’s “Destination Future”, a daring participant of the Mongol Rally 2011 and author of “Amazing Adventures of Nobody”.

What were your past experiences before traveling?

I used to work in a regular job in London and found it extremely boring… Hence, I decided to travel.
Why do you travel? What is your purpose and has it changed over time?

The purpose of my travels is to widen my horizons, to meet interesting people, to live life to the fullest possible potential. The purpose has changed over time from me experiencing life to me being able to show people through travel what they can really learn about themselves. It has been invigorating to be able to inspire others to travel.

Many of us do need that inspiration to take the leap… What was your inspiration to travel? Was there a specific event?

Not really, just felt trapped at home 🙂

What’s the craziest travel experience you can share with the Triptrotting community?

Once I was inMachu Picchugoing on a train back toCuzcoand there was a landslide 50ft from the train. So we were stopped for hours on a track. Over time we realized that the train was not going anywhere for a day or more, so we ended up having to get on trucks from local farmers and drive around the landslide and off toCuzco.


Was there a point in time when you thought your life was in danger?
Flying in an airplane inMongolia with a hole in a wing would definitely do it, along with almost dying in a car accident in Calcutta and being taken away on a camel with “a mental episode” far into the desert inDubai.

Any advice for those who want to do what you do?

Get out of the comfort zone, take the plunge and go for it. Sometimes if you think too much about travel, you don’t do it. You just got to go for it, be spontaneous, act like a kid, pay the money and go.

Any advice for Triptrotters on how to “travel like a local?”

Join the Triptrotting site. 😉 Get off the beaten path, don’t just go to tourist hot spots, do research on the countries and the cities you are in before going there.

Why did you decide to settle in Los Angeles?

I like the weather, my tv show career was here. Also I really like the people, very laid back…But primarily I like the weather. Just really like LA a lot!

What was the most surprising thing you learned about another local culture?

We are all the same in so many ways. We are all one. We are all similar. For example, Traveling opens up your eyes to the fact that the Balinese people and Americans at base are just the same. Yes, they have different cultures and different ways of living, but they have so many similarities.

You are doing the Mongol Rally this year. As you prepare for this very challenging trip, what is your biggest fear about it?

That my car is going to blow up in the middle of the desert. 🙂 The back up plan for that is having lots of bottles of water and snacks.

What is the next big adventure we should expect from you after the Mongol Rally?

I am planning a repeat of theTimes Squareto Hollywood Sign trip in October that will correspond with my book release. So you will get more “Adventures of Nobody” in the States!

What are you looking for in the Ultimate Triptrotter?

I believe the ultimate triptrotter should be an adventurous soul. Someone who sees the glass half full and loves to travel. Enjoying the company of strangers is plus!

The wise words of a travel guru: “Travel is fuel for the soul.” – Leon Logothetis

You can learn more about Leon’s adventures and upcoming projects here


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