4 Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Study Abroad

By: Her Campus 

It may seem like this semester’s going to last forever, but it’s already time to start thinking about next year. With never-ending midterms, relentless snowstorms, and this year’s course enroll period and housing lottery ahead of us, it can be hard to get amped up for another semester of the same major, the same people, the same stuffy dorm room or shabby apartment, and the same frat houses and sticky college bars. But if you’re starting to go a little stir-crazy in your college town, why not switch it up a little? And no, we don’t mean by trying a new flavor of Yoplait Light—we’re talking about studying abroad. A semester or summer in a different country provides a totally amazing, and totally different, summer experience and a chance to travel and explore other cultures without a hectic school schedule in your way. You can use the time to earn major credit, volunteer overseas, explore a new career overseas, even learn the secrets to Italian cooking, while your friends trek to the library and drink Keystone at home. But don’t hop on that plane just yet—before you study abroad, you have lots to consider. Her Campus talked to Dean Tsouvalas, Editor-in-Chief of StudentAdvisor.com, and to study abroad students around the world, about what to ask yourself—and your study abroad advisor—when planning your time overseas. Hit these five key questions and you’ll be ready to take off before you know it!

1. What kind of experience do I want?

E very city in the world offers a different cultural experience, and wherever you choose to study abroad will have a huge effect on the months ahead. As much as your time abroad will be about studying, working, or volunteering, it will be even more about exploring and fitting into a new environment and absorbing the culture around you….Read more here at Her Campus, written by Amanda First


About triptrotting

Triptrotting is a global community of world travelers and local hosts (aka "Triptrotters"), who are matched together based on compatibility. Whether you are going to study abroad, traveling for work or adventure seeking in a new country, having a local friend can go a long way. Our online platform and our proprietary matching algorithm will guide and suggest compatible local hosts for you that you would actually be interested in meeting based on factors such as your interest and personality.

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  1. Very Good Article!
    It will surely help the students who wish to study abroad but are not yet prepared or have any queries about anything.
    I think these four questions will surely solve everyone’s confusion who wants to study overseas.

    study abroad UK

  2. I loved my study abroad experience and really would highly suggest every student to take the semester and do it. You learn so much about yourself, about the city and might even change your major or ideas about life afterwards.

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