Discover Budapest with a Treasure Hunt!

By Zsuzsa Bakonyi

If you are in Budapest, Hungary, there’s a new way to discover what the city can offer – go on a treasure hunt!   Budapest Underguide has created a geocaching game sending you on a treasure hunt all while showing you the best of Budapest!

Art Nouveau is fashionably, “in”, – who wouldn’t be in love with Klimt’s or Mucha’s pictures and let out a grin seeing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona? We smile daily here in Budapest since the city is dotted by buildings of this epoch, built by architect-masters like Ödön Lechner or Emil Vidor. Important town buildings’ windows and roofs are masterpieces of Miksa Róth, Imperial and Royal court glass staining artist. Have you heard of these noble men? I know, our names are always terribly difficult to pronounce… However, it is very much worth discovering their work and admiring the buildings.

Now you can find out more about our gorgeous Art Nouveau buildings, and have a glimpse behind their stories while strolling along hunting for treasure boxes. We have created a “Geocache light” game for visitors and locals to explore Budapest – besides the GPS coordinates, we will also provide you with directions and the opening hours of  ten destinations around the city. The Treasure Chests are fun to find and you’ll even get a gift inside!  In the box you’ll find a guestbook,  information about your destination and a small gift.  You can choose to do it alone or in groups and even meet some locals along the way.

The treasure hunt is on from June 11 till the end of October.


To download the map, visit

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