Join us at TRIPup Moscow!

By Triptrotting Team

The infamous meetup for all travel enthusiasts and locals who want to share their city is coming to Mother Russia!

Triptrotting, in cooperation with its local partner AIESEC Moscow and with the help of local Advisor, Masha  Goncharova,  presents:

TRIPup Moscow Sunday, August 14, 18:00-20:00 at the Wdoh/Wydoh Art Center

Wdoh / Wydoh Art Center, Moscow, Russia

This Art Center is the only open air cinema in the middle of Moscow that allows its visitors to escape from the city’s noise and booming night life into an oasis and enjoy a quiet atmosphere under the stars. You can even catch a movie after the TRIPup!  🙂


If you RSVP for the event on Facebook or Vkontakte and sign in at the event when you get there, you will receive a free  “Citizen of the World” T-shirt from Triptrotting and will be entered for a chance to win other prizes!

Triptrotter Magdalena in Chile, proudly wearing her "Citizen of the World" shirt

Come meet up with other Triptrotters! Win free gifts! Get a few drinks! and… Have Fun!


About triptrotting

Triptrotting is a global community of world travelers and local hosts (aka "Triptrotters"), who are matched together based on compatibility. Whether you are going to study abroad, traveling for work or adventure seeking in a new country, having a local friend can go a long way. Our online platform and our proprietary matching algorithm will guide and suggest compatible local hosts for you that you would actually be interested in meeting based on factors such as your interest and personality.

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