(Drum Roll…) TRIPup Los Angeles is here!

By: Triptrotting Team

If you haven’t heard about all the fun that Triptrotters have had at TRIPup New York City, Jakarta, Budapest and Moscow in the past couple of months… You will DEFINITELY hear the party at the  TRIPup LOS ANGELES!

On August 28, 2011 Triptrotting team is bringing TRIPup to Los Angeles! In just 48 hours after creating the invitation for the event, over 250 people RSVP-ed!  We’ve had to expand our capacity twice! So, if you have not had a chance, you can still RSVP below.

TRIPup LA will definitely be done the true Hollywood style… It will take place at the W Hotel Hollywood Lounge and Bar from 6pm-8pm (18:00-20:00), followed by an after party at the W Hotel’s Jazz Night  with performances by famous singers / bands and celeb watching.  An important reminder is the dress code….since we are at such a lovely venue, there’s a dress code enforced.  Please remember to dress upscale smart and chic!  In Hollywood terms, that means dress up like you are going to a cocktail party and dress to impress…

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There will be FREE WINE from 6-7pm, sponsored by Casa Torelli! So don’t be late..of course there is a full bar as well!  Check-ins will start at 5:30PM and end at 6:45PM.

We’ll even have some cool prizes to give away!  If you are registered as a Triptrotter at www.triptrotting.com, come to our table and ask for a raffle ticket.  You’ll be entered to win sweet prizes worth over thousands of dollars including bottles Casa Torelli Wine, Travel inspired perfume/scents from Parlux Fragrances , and beautiful designer jewelry from Katie Waltman.

There are many other ways to win prices from Skunk juice Earbuds to Citizen of the World T-shirts to Pingo international phone cards!! Don’t forget to bring your smartphone and a happy face 🙂

As of now the list of attendees includes everyone from our Ultimate Triptrotter, Yolanda Clatworthy, to Discovery Channel Travel Show host, Leon Logothetis, travel industry experts, prominent LA entrepreneurs, media representatives, USC and UCLA local students (yes, we all will party together and surely there are more things in common..right?), exchange students, young professionals and list goes on…


See you on August 28!


About triptrotting

Triptrotting is a global community of world travelers and local hosts (aka "Triptrotters"), who are matched together based on compatibility. Whether you are going to study abroad, traveling for work or adventure seeking in a new country, having a local friend can go a long way. Our online platform and our proprietary matching algorithm will guide and suggest compatible local hosts for you that you would actually be interested in meeting based on factors such as your interest and personality.

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