How to Find Hostels Abroad

By: Triptrotting Team

As our Ultimate Triptrotter, Yolanda, makes her way around the world–sharing her adventures–she has discovered a great way to connect with other travelers and even 11 year old locals… She stayed in a number of hostels in Europe, all of which she found on Student Universe, and had an incredible experience.

According to her, “Student Universe is a great way to find places to stay that are cheap for students in particular.”

We personally think its a great site to check out when Triptrotting–wherever you’re going!

Check out where Yolanda’s been staying in:


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  1. a very good triptrotting at jaisalmer ,rajasthan,india is hotel meeramahal heritage
    yogendra singh is owner here.

  2. If you plan to stay a few nights in Boracay best to go to orchids resort for cheap native-looking cabanas @ around $13/night during low season. For long-staying-permanent vacationers, check out Roxon Apartments,, or my cozy room located @ my Uncle’s house.

    Will check out for sure. Cheers!

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