Traveling with a cause!

By: Sarah Logie

Triptrotters are not only global citizens but are also striving to make a difference in the world!  Check out Triptrotter Sarah’s recent adventures combining an amazing trip with her passion for helping those in need and her search for the next adventure trip!

I recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for an amazing children’s charity called Flying Kites. It was a challenging climb (physically and emotionally) as we trekked up to 19,000 ft in 5 days, starting in tropical rainforest and ending in arctic conditions (with very little oxygen!). Nonetheless, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and reaching the summit as the sun was rising is a memory that will stay with me forever. And knowing that throughout it all I helped an orphan at Flying Kites made it all the more satisfying! Not only was it one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but knowing that I made a difference to children in need made it so much better!

Now I’m looking for fun and adventurous people to join me in my next charity trek to Machu Picchu!

Flying Kites KenyaFirst, let me tell you a little about Flying Kites. Flying Kites is a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, NY that seeks to raise the standards of care available to the world’s poorest children.  It helps prepare these children to contribute to their communities and beyond with programs that emphasize practical education, social responsibility, compassionate leadership, and effective advocacy.  Currently, Flying Kites runs a Leadership Academy and a children’s home in Kenya, benefitting approximately 80 children of all ages.  Just look at some of these faces!

As part of its outreach and fundraising efforts, Flying Kites runs a program called Flying Kites Adventure Challenges.  This innovative program allows people like you and me to participate in one or more “challenges” (e.g., Mt. Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu) by reaching a certain target amount.  This money can all be fundraised so, technically, none of it has to come out of your own pocket!  Roughly half of this target amount covers the participant’s expenses and the other half goes directly to a specific child at Flying Kites.

So, having tackled Mt. Kilimanjaro, I figure it is time to take on a different mountain and I am looking for people to join my team. The Machu Picchu Challenge is April 13th – 20th, 2012 with sign-up closing March 12, 2012.  Spaces are filling up fast so sign up soon!  The target donation amount for this challenge is only $2,000 (this does not include airfare). Participants will cover the 45km trek in four days, with the remaining days being spent in and around Cuzco.

If you have any questions or are ready to sign up, please contact me on Triptrotting here or email me at


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  1. You are one awesome chick!!!!!!

  2. Would I need to have the $2,000 to go? I’ve been searching for Machu Picchu study abroad/ volunteer programs.

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