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Have You Gone Triptrotting Yet?

Sandy Zimmerman’s Discover the ULTIMATE Magazines includes the ULTIMATE EVERYTHING- Discover the Ultimate Travel, Discover the Ultimate Entertainment, Discover the Ultimate Dining, Discover the Ultimate Health, and Lifestyles.

Imagine traveling to a new destination. You’ve never been to Mumbai before, and you’re excited to experience the culture. What to do? What to see? Are you really interested in joining the same pre-packaged tours as the rest of the “tourists”? Now imagine having a friend ready and waiting for your arrival. Whether you meet for a meal or get a personal tour around town, this local might be similar to you in age, profession and interests—all determined by a very sophisticated pairing algorithm that helps you find people who like to do what you do. 

Travelers can meet up with like-minded local hosts

Locals can meet travelers and make new friends at Triptrotting events all over the world

Novia, a Triptrotting host from Indonesia, has always wanted to have a foreign friend but hasn’t had a chance to travel abroad yet. She says, “Triptrotting actually made one of my dreams come true! I really want to have real foreigner friends, but there is nothing I can do, I barely go out of the country or have the opportunity to hang out with any foreigners. Then Denisha send me message to meet up and now we are friends. It was an unforgettable experience!!” Many local hosts use Triptrotting as a place to meet new friends that they otherwise would have never been able to encounter.

Another Triptrotter who had a memorable experience is Sebastian, who has been traveling for over 5 months in Asia. He mentions how he not only got to spend time with locals, but proves that the relationships formed through Triptrotting become ongoing friendships, “I actually first met Anna and Annie back in October, and then again during a second unexpected visit to Hong Kong last week. I would absolutely connect with hosts again.”

These encounters don’t always have to be one-on-one though; Triptrotting has a global team of Local Advisors who curate meetups and group activities all over the world. These activities can be as intimate as an outdoor movie screening with 10 people, or as epic as a 600-person takeover of a local hot spot in your city! The global team embodies Triptrotting’s mission of connecting travelers and hosts in every corner of the world, and these events are guaranteed to be as attractive to locals as they are to tourists!

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Australia Day – the Dublin Way

By: Denisha Brekke

While Denisha seems to change her mind daily about her passions and career goals, there is one thing she will never change her mind about: she loves traveling! Born and raised just north of San Francisco, CA, she has competed in every sport from softball to surfing, celebrated her last four New Year’s on four different continents, and recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in international business.

During the fall semester of my senior year at the University of Southern California, I chose to take a break from Los Angeles and study down under for an exchange semester. So realistically, it was their spring semester, but for Melbourne you might as well call it winter. For six months I lived in Melbourne, Australia, where I surfed, learned the rules of footy, attended a lifetime of barbecues, and partied with Aussies wearing neon body suits or something else ridiculous, on countless nights. Am I forgetting something? Oh yeah… I also attended my classes at the University of Melbourne, of course.

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An Homage to Catalan Cooking

By: David Leigh

David has lived in Catalonia for more than a decade, first in Barcelona and now in the forests of la Selva. When not enjoying the food he runs a website specialising in providing FC Barcelona tickets to visitors to Barcelona.

If you think of food in Spain you’ll probably immediately think of the ubiquitous paella, the delicious rice dish that originates from Valencia that in its best known form contains a variety of seafood; your mind may also turn to tapas, those tasty morsels traditionally served on a small plate to accompany a drink and originally used – or so the legend goes – to cover your drink and keep the flies out; “tapa” simply means “cover” in Spanish.

Paella in particular can be quite variable, partially due to the fact that many bars that serve lunchtime fixed price menus serve ready made versions of the dish that bear no resemblance at all to the flavour of one that has been well made. And while many tourist restaurants serve passable versions of the dish, the secret to finding the best paellas is simply to learn where the locals go to eat it.

Standard tapas include “patatas bravas”, which are sautéed potatoes served covered in a spicy sauce, olives, calamari and anchovies, and visitors are also sometimes surprised to find cold cubes of Spanish omelette on the menu. Many tapas bars are Galician and a popular dish you’ll see on the menu is octopus.

Quite different are Basque style tapas, which are served all over the country, they are often served on bread; stuffed peppers, grilled fish and other delights are set on the counter in bars and served with a cocktail stick. Simply grab a plate, choose one of the dishes and keep the stick; your bill at the end of the night will depend on the number and sizes of the sticks left on your plate.

Living in Catalona, as I have done for the last ten years, some of my favourite dishes are local specialities. Three things spring to mind that may appear simple pleasures, but I always look forward to eating.

The first is the botifara, a pork sausage spiced with pepper that is one of the staples of Catalan cooking. While a simple sausage may not seem particularly exciting, they are exceptionally high quality and a big improvement on the standard banger found in UK supermarkets.

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5 Soles

By: Rachel Goertemiller

Rachel has lived in 8 different countries on 4 different continents.  Growing up in the US, she often dreamed of traveling and pursued a career in international business, specifically emerging markets.  After extensive traveling around the world and moving to many major US cities while working in the US, she moved back to South America.  Rachel loves trying new foods and wines, studying languages, sailing, water skiing, photography, running, and horseback riding.  Her goals are to be trilingual or a millionaire.  Having achieved the latter (in Colombian pesos), she is now actively pursuing the former. 

Lima, Peru – gastronomy capital of South America, jumping off point to Machu Picchu, and where I lived for most of August.  Unlike the typical tourist which arrives in Lima, stays a day and quickly departs to Machu Picchu, I was the odd person who actually lived in Lima, watching others come and go discussing the wonder.  While others awed over breathtaking views of ruins, I spent my time searching for a job, price comparing coffee makers, negotiating phone contracts, and normal day-to-day boring stuff.  I admit, I indulged in a 12-step, 3-hour tasting menu at Astrid y Gastón as well as consuming massive amounts of choripan, camote frito, churros, and pisco in the name of experiencing culture through food.

Besides memorable eating experiences, what I’ll take away most from living in Lima is the amazing memories of hanging out with my friends Kelly & Christian.  The one thing I wanted but didn’t take though was 5 soles, the rough equivalent of $1.81.

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TRIPup Ahmedabad: A New Way to Celebrate Uttarayan!

By: Nipun Parikh 

14th January…. In many places around the world, January 14 may just be January 14. But every year in my part of India, this day is celebrated as ‘Uttarayan’. I live in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, which lies in the northwestern part of my country, bordering the Indian Ocean. January 14 is the day when nearly the entire population of Ahmedabad can be found on roofs of buildings flying kites and having endless fun. A few few months back, my friends Rahul, Piyush, Palak, Amit, Nishith, and I had a small get together to hang around and chat. After being on the topic of Uttarayan for some time, we suddenly decided that this time around, we would step up to orgnize and host Ahmedabad’s first TRIPup event: kite flying at Uttarayan. 

From there we began to brainstorm every day how to make it a wonderful event for Triptrotters heading to Uttarayan to enjoy the city, the culture, and of course, the kites. Each day we collected more and more ideas for the event.  Eventually, we began to put our plan into action by sending out the invitation on Triprtrotting website — we immediately saw a positive response.  Next we scouted for a meeting spot/venue, and decided on the roof of a commerce college in the heart of old city was fixed thanks to our friend Piyush. The enthusiasm grew and our ideas materialized. Soon enough, we began to receive messages and requests from travelers excited to attend the Uttarayan fetival. Ten days before the festival we had already reached our estimated capacity, with even more requests coming in!

Many travelers were provided with Triptrotting hosts — originally I was going to host two travelers, but ended up hosting six! And they hailed from all corners of the world: two from Serbia, three from China, and one from Norway.

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We want a Triptrotter to win Urban Adventures’ London Gold

By: Triptrotting Team

We know all of you Triptrotters are believers in local travel. So when our friends at Urban Adventures started an exciting challenge, we couldn’t wait to share it with our community. Brace yourself, it’s a big announcement, an incredible opportunity, and we want a Triptrotter to win!

Urban Adventures is giving away their London business for the rest of 2012, and not only will the lucky winner have the experience of a lifetime, they’ll keep the profits along the way. Yes, you heard us right. London is one of Urban Adventures’ most successful destinations, and they’re looking for someone to take the helm of operations for a year.

To enter, simply upload a video or a photo that showcases your signature London tour on Urban Adventures’ Facebook page under #LondonGold. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen amazing photos and videos that you guys shared on Triptrotting’s Facebook page! If you see London like Urban Adventures and Triptrotting see London, you’ll have no problem creating a unique, local perspective of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Facebook voting will determine two finalists, and an Urban Adventures judging panel will determine three finalists. The five finalists will then be interviewed by the General Manager of Urban Adventures, with one winner striking #LondonGold just in time for one of the busiest tourism summers London has ever seen!

If you win, not only will you get to lead your signature tour for the rest of 2012 (yeah, that’s right, people will be paying to see your London), you’ll also get to manage the rest of the London Urban Adventures operations, which includes a portfolio of seven other unique, popular tours and a group of awesome local guides.

The winner will be in charge of London Urban Adventures from 1 May to 31 December 2012, and at the end of it all, any profits made are yours to keep. Income is virtually uncapped, when you consider the massive influx of tourists into London this summer. If you can tap into some good local sales and marketing strategies, you’ll be set. Urban Adventures supports all their destinations with global sales and marketing, so you’ll be covered from all ends.

See why we want a Triptrotter to win? Have a look at the video and head to for more the details and the almighty terms & conditions (basically, you have to be over 18, fluent in written and spoken English, be legally entitled to work in the UK, and you’ve gotta know London like a local).

Enter on Facebook at, and click on the #LondonGold tab on the left.
Don’t forget to share your entry via Facebook and Twitter – you’re going to want your friends to cast their vote for you!
Contest closes 29 February 2012 – what are you waiting for?!

Questions? Contact

Traveling with a cause!

By: Sarah Logie

Triptrotters are not only global citizens but are also striving to make a difference in the world!  Check out Triptrotter Sarah’s recent adventures combining an amazing trip with her passion for helping those in need and her search for the next adventure trip!

I recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for an amazing children’s charity called Flying Kites. It was a challenging climb (physically and emotionally) as we trekked up to 19,000 ft in 5 days, starting in tropical rainforest and ending in arctic conditions (with very little oxygen!). Nonetheless, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and reaching the summit as the sun was rising is a memory that will stay with me forever. And knowing that throughout it all I helped an orphan at Flying Kites made it all the more satisfying! Not only was it one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but knowing that I made a difference to children in need made it so much better!

Now I’m looking for fun and adventurous people to join me in my next charity trek to Machu Picchu!

Flying Kites KenyaFirst, let me tell you a little about Flying Kites. Flying Kites is a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, NY that seeks to raise the standards of care available to the world’s poorest children.  It helps prepare these children to contribute to their communities and beyond with programs that emphasize practical education, social responsibility, compassionate leadership, and effective advocacy.  Currently, Flying Kites runs a Leadership Academy and a children’s home in Kenya, benefitting approximately 80 children of all ages.  Just look at some of these faces!

As part of its outreach and fundraising efforts, Flying Kites runs a program called Flying Kites Adventure Challenges.  This innovative program allows people like you and me to participate in one or more “challenges” (e.g., Mt. Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu) by reaching a certain target amount.  This money can all be fundraised so, technically, none of it has to come out of your own pocket!  Roughly half of this target amount covers the participant’s expenses and the other half goes directly to a specific child at Flying Kites.

So, having tackled Mt. Kilimanjaro, I figure it is time to take on a different mountain and I am looking for people to join my team. The Machu Picchu Challenge is April 13th – 20th, 2012 with sign-up closing March 12, 2012.  Spaces are filling up fast so sign up soon!  The target donation amount for this challenge is only $2,000 (this does not include airfare). Participants will cover the 45km trek in four days, with the remaining days being spent in and around Cuzco.

If you have any questions or are ready to sign up, please contact me on Triptrotting here or email me at

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