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5 Soles

By: Rachel Goertemiller

Rachel has lived in 8 different countries on 4 different continents.  Growing up in the US, she often dreamed of traveling and pursued a career in international business, specifically emerging markets.  After extensive traveling around the world and moving to many major US cities while working in the US, she moved back to South America.  Rachel loves trying new foods and wines, studying languages, sailing, water skiing, photography, running, and horseback riding.  Her goals are to be trilingual or a millionaire.  Having achieved the latter (in Colombian pesos), she is now actively pursuing the former. 

Lima, Peru – gastronomy capital of South America, jumping off point to Machu Picchu, and where I lived for most of August.  Unlike the typical tourist which arrives in Lima, stays a day and quickly departs to Machu Picchu, I was the odd person who actually lived in Lima, watching others come and go discussing the wonder.  While others awed over breathtaking views of ruins, I spent my time searching for a job, price comparing coffee makers, negotiating phone contracts, and normal day-to-day boring stuff.  I admit, I indulged in a 12-step, 3-hour tasting menu at Astrid y Gastón as well as consuming massive amounts of choripan, camote frito, churros, and pisco in the name of experiencing culture through food.

Besides memorable eating experiences, what I’ll take away most from living in Lima is the amazing memories of hanging out with my friends Kelly & Christian.  The one thing I wanted but didn’t take though was 5 soles, the rough equivalent of $1.81.

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TRIPup Rocks Budapest!

By: Zsuzsa Bakonyi

Last Friday we hosted the TRIPup Budapest, at our favourite ruin pub, Fogasház on behalf of Triptrotting.

This was an incredible and fun event! Apart from inviting locals and expats, and travelers from all over the world, we have had some interesting guests, including travel show host Leon Logothetis and their very own Ultimate Triptrotter (sponsored by Air Berlin), Yolanda. Local friends showed up as well, like Attila Höfle, the editor of, Hársas Péter, the only expert on responsible travel in Hungary and Ryan James, Frommer’s editor and Bed&Breakfast owner in Budapest.

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Yolanda – with her endless energies inspite of 2 days’ sleeping in an airport – and Péter (a local triptrotter) shared their Triptrotting experiences and answered some questions.

It was a nice evening with beers and fröccs (typical Hungarian drink: white wine mixed with soda) where we chatted about travel communitites, responsible travel, the nightlife of Budapest and where to continue the night 🙂

Next day, BudapestUnderguide took Yolanda on Responsible Shopping walking tour. She was so enthusiastic, that it went on till the afternoon, a lot longer then planned 🙂 Budapestunderguide will soon release a video shot by (they are making a documentary on alternative tours and included Yolanda’s experience in it).

Triptrotting is hosting TRIPups all over the world with one that happened in NYC, one in Jakarta and a few more coming up. To see if TRIPup is coming to your town and to experience the TRUE LOCAL LIFE, when traveling

In love with music – Dublin

By Janice Au


Just looking at the little things I collected on the trip – an album of a busker band, an Irish whistle, and a nice photo of two buskers and me – I seem to hear music playing in my head. The trip to Dublin gave me a new impression of the city, something I never knew before: Dublin is a city of music.

The strong busking culture has made street musicians one of Dublin’s popular live attractions. Grafton Street, in particular, is a must-visit place where buskers compete to catch your attention. Buskers! Something prohibited altogether in the city I come from (as it is seen by law-makers as a form of begging, which is not legally allowed). I could hardly wait; I wandered through the Street on the first day. It did not disappoint me, but filled me with joy and lots of music. I had seen street artists before, but never as impressive as the ones in Dublin. All I can say is, a lot of them are real musicians. It was only after the trip that I learned Bono the lead singer of Irish band U2 and Damien Rice were once buskers too. I wonder if the ones I saw that afternoon had the same secret wish of rising to fame?

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