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TRIPup LA is back!

by: Triptrotting Team

It’s been a while since we’ve held a TRIPup in LA… we’ve missed you!

We invite you Angelenos and travelers in Southern California to join us on Saturday, March 10th. We are going to be steps away from the beach in Santa Monica at the historic and elegant Rapp’s Saloon, located inside Hostelling International.

Come meet travelers from around the world, locals, for an evening of fun and mingling… and it continues after the TRIPup event with an exclusive Santa Monica bar crawl event!

You can RSVP to this event here to join us!

About Triptrotting:
Triptrotting is a global community of travelers and hosts (aka “Triptrotters”), who are matched to each other based on similar interests. Our goal is to create a platform which helps travelers find like minded local hosts and provide opportunities for hosts to make friends from all corners of the world. We want to give both Triptrotters an amazing cultural and personal experience.

About Hostelling International:
Located just a couple blocks from the sand of Santa Monica Beach, Hostelling International USA (HI-USA) is quickly becoming the place for local and international travelers to meet, mingle and have fun! In addition to operations of HI-Santa Monica and the one stop shop HI-Travel Store, HI-USA conducts various educational programs for youth and adults of the greater Los Angeles area. Focusing on topics ranging from intercultural understanding to environmental awareness to responsible travel, HI-USA programs strive to provide the educational experience of travel to the local community. Through each of these programs and workshops held in the HI-Travel Store in Santa Monica, Hostelling International is able to achieve its mission to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling.


Join Us at TRIPup Buenos Aires part 2… PICNIC Edition!

By: Triptrotting Team

Did you miss our last event at Godoy Disco Bar? Do you want to meet travelers and mingle with locals with some music, sunshine, and perhaps even a frizbee?

Look out Buenos Aires! Triptrotting presents TRIPup Buenos Aires PICNIC Edition!

Sunday, February 26th, 3:00pm
At the gazebo of  Bosques de Palermo
(J.F. Kennedy & Av del Libertador, across from the US Embassy)

You can RSVP for Triptrotting’s TRIPup Buenos Aires PICNIC here.
Oh, don’t forget to bring your own towel!

TRIPup Ahmedabad: A New Way to Celebrate Uttarayan!

By: Nipun Parikh 

14th January…. In many places around the world, January 14 may just be January 14. But every year in my part of India, this day is celebrated as ‘Uttarayan’. I live in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, which lies in the northwestern part of my country, bordering the Indian Ocean. January 14 is the day when nearly the entire population of Ahmedabad can be found on roofs of buildings flying kites and having endless fun. A few few months back, my friends Rahul, Piyush, Palak, Amit, Nishith, and I had a small get together to hang around and chat. After being on the topic of Uttarayan for some time, we suddenly decided that this time around, we would step up to orgnize and host Ahmedabad’s first TRIPup event: kite flying at Uttarayan. 

From there we began to brainstorm every day how to make it a wonderful event for Triptrotters heading to Uttarayan to enjoy the city, the culture, and of course, the kites. Each day we collected more and more ideas for the event.  Eventually, we began to put our plan into action by sending out the invitation on Triprtrotting website — we immediately saw a positive response.  Next we scouted for a meeting spot/venue, and decided on the roof of a commerce college in the heart of old city was fixed thanks to our friend Piyush. The enthusiasm grew and our ideas materialized. Soon enough, we began to receive messages and requests from travelers excited to attend the Uttarayan fetival. Ten days before the festival we had already reached our estimated capacity, with even more requests coming in!

Many travelers were provided with Triptrotting hosts — originally I was going to host two travelers, but ended up hosting six! And they hailed from all corners of the world: two from Serbia, three from China, and one from Norway.

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It’s time for Buenos Aires to TRIPup!

By: Triptrotting Team

It’s time for our travelers and hosts alike in Buenos Aires to show how hard they can TRIPup! On Friday, February 10th, Triptrotting invites you to Godoy Disco Bar to meet fellow Triptrotters and dance the week’s stress away with new friends!

Free admission is limited to Triptrotting members only, so make sure to sign up on to get a code and enjoy this party for free: We mean free entrance, free food reception, and 2 for 1 drinks!

Once you get the code, also make sure to RSVP here so we can count you in. The event limits 1 ticket per person, so spread the love and invite your friends!

If you’re not in Buenos Aires on the 10th but will be there soon after, stay tuned because we have another exciting event planned…

BAIS Argentina
BAIS Argentina is the first organization of international students in Buenos Aires. Their objectives are the social and cultural integration of foreigners in the city of Buenos Aires, through the experience of different activities. BAIS provides support to the foreigner, by developing cultural activities, sport outings, as well as many others, so that they get to know the city, its culture and its people.

Spanglish Exchange
Spanglish Exchange is a language exchange that pairs native Spanish speakers with native English speakers in a series of 10-minute conversations (five in English and five in Spanish). Participants get to practice one-to-one with at least five different native speakers. Recommended by the NY Post, La Nación, and the BA Herald, as well as leading travel guides such as Lonely Planet and Time Out, Spanglish creates a fun and casual environment in which to practice languages and meet people from all over the world.

Once in Motion®
Once in Motion® is a local company that offers an easy-going atmosphere where you will find young people experiencing the best of what Buenos Aires has to offer. Nightlife promotions, freebies, private theme parties and trips in Argentina, specifically for international exchange students and independent travelers.
Come meet your peers and porteños through our activities!
Party right! You only live once.

Supernova Argentina
Supernova Argentina is a Tourism and Travel Company specialized in international customers, offering domestic and regional destinations.
Our options are the favorite for young people who want to travel in groups or meet new travelers. They also provide special service to local universities and exchange programs.
Fun guaranteed at low prices.
Alone or accompanied, enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Argentina, meet people and form friendships for life through Supernova.

TRIPup Rocks Jakarta

By Triptrotting Team


After a successful night in NYC on June 26, we had our second TRIPup event. This time we decided to go international and host it in Jakarta, Indonesia! TRIPup Jakarta was a HIT!

More than 200 people gathered in the lovely garden at the Eastern Promise —one of the oldest pubs in Kemang—for food and drinks, live music, the mixing stylings of “DJ Panda”!

Check out the pictures to see some of the new members of Triptrotting’s global family.

Special thank-you’s to owner Lens Ter Wee and awesome Triptrotters who helped set up and run the event, especially our awesome Triptrotter Denisha.

Something that started as a small idea to meet up with other travel enthusiasts in NYC now turned into a global meetup party for locals and travelers alike. Triptrotting is all about connecting people with similar interests to foster cultural exchange and it’s great to see so many people show up to connect with each other at our TRIPup events. The more events we hold and the bigger our community grows, the more places Triptrotters will have to call home, all around the world.

So get ready for our next TRIPup Budapest with special guests Yolanda—the Ultimate Triptrotter , and Leon—Travel Show Host of Amazing Adventures of a Nobody!

The theme of the party is responsible travel, and our local partner, budapestUNDERGUIDE will bring a few experts on responsible travel and tell you all about it!

If you live in Budapest or just passing by, come join us for more food, drinks and fun at Fogashaz Ruinpub on Friday, July 29. Entry is free, so bring your friends!

You are invited to TRIPup in Jakarta, Indonesia

By Triptrotting Team

Since our last TRIPup New York City event, we are overwhelmed with the response of Triptrotters looking for their own TRIPup event!  We asked our Triptrotting Fans on Facebook where we should have the next official TRIPup and the results are in!  Drum roll….. the next TRIPup by Triptrotting will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 13, 2011.  Please RSVP here.  We can sense a tradition happening as we speak!  Here are the details:

..of course we cannot forget to thank our veteran Triptrotter Denisha for hosting this event!


1) To drink, eat, and have a good time in JAKARTA!

2) So you live in Jakarta? Come meet local Triptrotters and new friends from abroad

3) So you are visiting Jakarta? Don’t be that clueless tourist! Make your new friendships your souvenir! 

4) Get initiate into the Triptrotting community.. in person!

5) Get to know people who share your passion

Have anymore reasons?


In case you missed out on the last TRIPup in New York City, here are some highlights of the TRIPup in the big Apple

Not only did Triptrotters show up, we even had travel bloggers, mountain climbers and other travel enthusiasts join us!  A special shout out to our Super Ambassador Triptrotter Emily for helping us with this event.  We even surprise thanked her with a massage certificate in New York City for her amazing effort in the Ultimate Triptrotter contest last month…and yes, she was surprised!  We’ll see you in Jakarta!!

If you are interested in hosting a TRIPup in your city, let us know!  email us.


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