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Have You Gone Triptrotting Yet?

Sandy Zimmerman’s Discover the ULTIMATE Magazines includes the ULTIMATE EVERYTHING- Discover the Ultimate Travel, Discover the Ultimate Entertainment, Discover the Ultimate Dining, Discover the Ultimate Health, and Lifestyles.

Imagine traveling to a new destination. You’ve never been to Mumbai before, and you’re excited to experience the culture. What to do? What to see? Are you really interested in joining the same pre-packaged tours as the rest of the “tourists”? Now imagine having a friend ready and waiting for your arrival. Whether you meet for a meal or get a personal tour around town, this local might be similar to you in age, profession and interests—all determined by a very sophisticated pairing algorithm that helps you find people who like to do what you do. 

Travelers can meet up with like-minded local hosts

Locals can meet travelers and make new friends at Triptrotting events all over the world

Novia, a Triptrotting host from Indonesia, has always wanted to have a foreign friend but hasn’t had a chance to travel abroad yet. She says, “Triptrotting actually made one of my dreams come true! I really want to have real foreigner friends, but there is nothing I can do, I barely go out of the country or have the opportunity to hang out with any foreigners. Then Denisha send me message to meet up and now we are friends. It was an unforgettable experience!!” Many local hosts use Triptrotting as a place to meet new friends that they otherwise would have never been able to encounter.

Another Triptrotter who had a memorable experience is Sebastian, who has been traveling for over 5 months in Asia. He mentions how he not only got to spend time with locals, but proves that the relationships formed through Triptrotting become ongoing friendships, “I actually first met Anna and Annie back in October, and then again during a second unexpected visit to Hong Kong last week. I would absolutely connect with hosts again.”

These encounters don’t always have to be one-on-one though; Triptrotting has a global team of Local Advisors who curate meetups and group activities all over the world. These activities can be as intimate as an outdoor movie screening with 10 people, or as epic as a 600-person takeover of a local hot spot in your city! The global team embodies Triptrotting’s mission of connecting travelers and hosts in every corner of the world, and these events are guaranteed to be as attractive to locals as they are to tourists!

Discover the ULTIMATE
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TRIPup LA is back!

by: Triptrotting Team

It’s been a while since we’ve held a TRIPup in LA… we’ve missed you!

We invite you Angelenos and travelers in Southern California to join us on Saturday, March 10th. We are going to be steps away from the beach in Santa Monica at the historic and elegant Rapp’s Saloon, located inside Hostelling International.

Come meet travelers from around the world, locals, for an evening of fun and mingling… and it continues after the TRIPup event with an exclusive Santa Monica bar crawl event!

You can RSVP to this event here to join us!

About Triptrotting:
Triptrotting is a global community of travelers and hosts (aka “Triptrotters”), who are matched to each other based on similar interests. Our goal is to create a platform which helps travelers find like minded local hosts and provide opportunities for hosts to make friends from all corners of the world. We want to give both Triptrotters an amazing cultural and personal experience.

About Hostelling International:
Located just a couple blocks from the sand of Santa Monica Beach, Hostelling International USA (HI-USA) is quickly becoming the place for local and international travelers to meet, mingle and have fun! In addition to operations of HI-Santa Monica and the one stop shop HI-Travel Store, HI-USA conducts various educational programs for youth and adults of the greater Los Angeles area. Focusing on topics ranging from intercultural understanding to environmental awareness to responsible travel, HI-USA programs strive to provide the educational experience of travel to the local community. Through each of these programs and workshops held in the HI-Travel Store in Santa Monica, Hostelling International is able to achieve its mission to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling.

Join Us at TRIPup Buenos Aires part 2… PICNIC Edition!

By: Triptrotting Team

Did you miss our last event at Godoy Disco Bar? Do you want to meet travelers and mingle with locals with some music, sunshine, and perhaps even a frizbee?

Look out Buenos Aires! Triptrotting presents TRIPup Buenos Aires PICNIC Edition!

Sunday, February 26th, 3:00pm
At the gazebo of  Bosques de Palermo
(J.F. Kennedy & Av del Libertador, across from the US Embassy)

You can RSVP for Triptrotting’s TRIPup Buenos Aires PICNIC here.
Oh, don’t forget to bring your own towel!

Week 4 of the Winter Travel Photo Contest!

By: Triptrotting Team

It’s week 4 of Triptrotting & Let’s Go Travel’s winter traveler photo contest and we are loving the submissions! Our weekly themes have been: see, touch, taste, and smell. The next and final week’s theme will be “hear”! Did you know that when you submit photos you are automatically entered to win cool prizes? The first prize is a $50 gift card and a Citizens of the World t-shirt. The runner-up will receive a $20 gift card and a Citizens of the World t-shirt as well. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your pictures to other travelers and inspire them to embark on new journeys. Triptrotting and Let’s Go Travel will feature the winning photos on their websites, Facebook pages, and to their Twitter followers! We’re itching to pack up our bags and travel after seeing these photos… where should we go next?


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Winter Travel Photo Contest

By: Triptrotting Team

Who said that pictures are only good to look at?  Triptrotting, in partnership with our friends at  Let’s Go, would like to challenge you to enter A Winter Traveler Photo Contest. Every week you can submit a photo that fits the theme of the week here in the categories listed! The winner of the contest will win $50 Amazon Card and Citizen of the World T-Shirt and the Runner up will get  $20 Amazon Card and Citizen of the World T-shirt! Best photos will also be featured on Triptrotting and Let’s Go sites, Facebook and Twitter! GOOD LUCK!

Check out the details here!


Ultimate Adventures: What Happens in Belgrade…

By: Yolanda Clatworthy

Which of the following is not true of Belgrade?

a) A mammoth was discovered under the main shopping Boulevard of Belgrade.
b) Donating blood is very popular in highschools because kids who do get a full two days off.
c) Wives used to lose their husbands for days in the “Bermuda Triangle,” three main taverns which formed a triangle. In a similar vein, traditional taverns always have two exits so you can slip out if the wife comes looking.
d) Pizza is served with ketchup.
e) Traditionally, rich donate their houses to the poor when they die.
f) Kiev had the same urban designer, and both cities have similar layouts.
g) You can rock climb on the walls of a Medieval fortress.
h)All of the above are true

As you’ve probably already guessed, the answer is H. In Serbia, anything is possible. It was my first time visiting a city that had been a war zone within my memory, yet the reminders of it are few and far between. Instead, my few short days that I spent here were filled with exploration and fun and adventuring and learning, far beyond what I imagine the typical tourist experience to be. As usual, this was thanks to the locals I met who gave me so much insight into their lifestyles and their city.

Ultimate Triptrotter Sponsor

My first introduction into the Serbian way of life was, surprisingly, through my hostel. Hostel Zetska 5 is probably the best hostel that I’ve ever stayed in–and I’ve stayed in way too many! Part of it was probably the cleanliness, as it just opened a month ago and everything is brand spankin’ new. Part of it was the location, as it is situated on a quiet street yet just a ten second walk from the main Bohemian street of Skadarlija. Mostly, however, my stay there was defined by the family that runs the hostel. Snaezan, along with her husband, son, and daughter, have created an environment in which travelers feel more like they are in a home than an impersonal hostel. During my three day stay there, I came to think of them as my Serbian family. I had typical lunches with homemade Serbian food, went grocery shopping with 11 year old Bratsa, played darts, watched footy, went on ice cream excursions, got taught how to make instant coffee “the right way,” learned that vegetarianism in Serbia doesn’t exist, and so much more. Hostel Zetska 5 is so much more than a place to crash for the night, it’s a crash course in Serbia in Serbian culture, food, and traditions. Thanks to Student Universe for helping me find such a fantastic place!

My stay in Serbia was further enriched by my day spent with Jelena on a Viator Tour. It started out as tours do, with lots of beautiful architecture, interesting history, and scenic lookouts. Unfortunately, photography was banned in many of the most spectacular places; google Ruzica military chapel for photos of chandeliers made of bullets and swords, and google St Petka chapel for images of the interior, which is covered in the most intricate mosaics I have ever seen. For lunch we chose to go to a Serbian tavern, described by some to be to Serbs what squares were to the ancient Greeks. No surprise then, that lunch was a lively affair. There were small stools and old photographs and lots of Serbian chitchat and delicious delicious food (for videos check out Triptrotting TV). The best though, was yet to come. Jelena and I had had such a good time that she agreed to meet me again that afternoon, where we continued with the tour part 2. We strolled along the waterfront and up cobblestone streets in the old Hapsburg district, checked out the beach, tried Turkish coffee, and rode around in double-decker busses happy as school kids on vacation in London. By this time I had a fair grasp of both the geography and the history of the city, having criss-crossed it and learned about it on an intense all day one-on-one tour.

Ultimate Triptrotter (Yolanda) and her Viator tour guide (Jelena)

Yet somehow I feel like I learned even more about Serbia that night, on an unofficial tour with Jelena and her boyfriend Milan. They took me to a cafe hidden in the garden of the basement of an unmarked building, somewhere that I never would have found on my own but that I fell in love with immediately. It’s a cafe with great coffee, and an even better concept–they fill the walls with decorations and artifacts that travellers have brought them from all around the world. Good luck finding it though, those who know it love it, and hide it from the hordes of gawking tourists. I was further spoiled by them taking me to a Kafana (the typical tavern/coffeehouse again), one which was so typical that the owner still ives in the other half. When we got there, we knocked on his door and he emerged from watching TV long enough to grab us drinks from his fridge. Quite cool, especially considering that this kaffana is in the heart of the tourist district yet no one knows about it, or finds it. If you’re ever in Belgrade, shoot me an email and I’ll send you directions! Or just book a tour with Jelena or Viator, because you seriously will have one of the best days you can imagine. Jelena, (and Milan) thanks so much for such an incredible and informative experience.

Belgrade is not a city that is immediately likeable–it’s not visually striking, many buildings of historic interest were destroyed, and there’s traffic and pollution everywhere. Yet it’s a city that will suck you in, a city to live in and to experience rather than to look at. Do your best to do as the locals do. Grab an ice cream, bask in the park, check out the buskers, hang out in a kaffana. Serbians are wild and wonderful people, and if you are ready to step a little bit out of your comfort zone and enjoy life the Serbian way, you’ll be amazed at how much the city has to offer.

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