The Ultimate Triptrotter is Discovered!

For the past 5 weeks we have been searching all around the world for the ULTIMATE TRIPTROTTER!!! We have been looking everywhere from South Africa to Australia, Bali, Argentina, US, Germany, India and Philippines. It was a very hard process, not because the Ultimate Triptrotter was hard to find, but because there were TOO many qualified contestants! So we put the burden of choosing the winner on the shoulders of 7 lovely judges 🙂

Yolanda meditating in NYC

…and the WINNER is YOLANDA from McGill University, who got votes from ALL judges! The second place was tied between Emily and Kerra, both with 3 votes. Although, unfortunately, we can’t send everyone on the trip of a lifetime, we will reward all Triptrotters, who were the top picks from judges 🙂

If you want to meet any of the finalists, just click on their names below and connect with them directly on Triptrotting!

You can follow Yolanda’s adventures throughout the summer! Stay tuned on more details coming soon…

Judges’ Top Picks

Yolanda with 7 votes

Emily with 3 votes

Kerra with 3 votes

Lauren with 2 votes

Laura with 2 votes

Isamel with 1 vote and 1 alternate

Amie with 1 vote

Aurora with 1 vote

Ita with 1 vote

Shanan with 1 vote

We asked the judges to explain why they picked these specific videos and here is what they said…

Andre Vasco – Host of Brazil Got Talent

1. Yolanda Clatworthy –  “The video is edited very well, nicely shows the personality and the life she leads. Yolanda be very high mood, creative and communicative. It made ​​me want to go traveling and meeting new people. I feel like it!”

2. Laura Heller – “Pictures often speak louder than words. A video fast, informative and with reference to the classic video clip of the great Bob Dylan, showing papers written. Great influence.”

3. Kerra Vick  – “In an emotional video that won me over Argentina.  She is showed her human side. Travel is more than out of your culture, you want to be in another culture. I saw that in her.”

Kelley Ferro – Host from

1. Yolanda Clatworthy – “Her concept for her video was inspired and original.Using  Not too mention her video skills were top notch. That will be great when she is abroad and help to really document her Triptrotting experience!”

2. Amie Davidson – “I liked how she was a local host in her video and her tips were very informational. She spoke well on camera, had a good presence, and seemed like a bright & likable girl. If she wins, she might need to improve her audio equipment on her camera but I don’t want to fault her for that in this round.”

Kelley was split between Emily and Kerra, so she picked both 🙂

3. Emily Agy – “Emily has energy and it really stuck out. She’s also been extremely active on Twitter and I think she’d be a very devoted Triptrotter correspondent. Her video was original in how it was shot and had a lot of personality. She also seems to have a great sense of humor.”

3. Kerra Vick – “She seemed really sincere and thought about the video and assignment. I’ve worked in travel for a long time so I’m used to the top 5 typical reasons to travel–her’s were original and profound. She’s had unusual travel experiences (Tajikistan, volunteering) and her mantra of being kind and that we are all the same would help to get along well with all cultures/expereinces.”

Leon Logothetis – Host of famous travel show “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody

1. Lauren Davis – “Lauren seems to have an adventurous spirit and it comes out on screen. I think she would be a wonderful Ultimate Tripptrotter”

2. Yolanda Clatworthy – “Wow! I want to meet Yolanda. She comes across as a free spirited girl with tremendous passion for life. Hopefully we can meet on the open road…”

3. Laura Heller – “Laura is a passionate and avid traveler. Her video was extremely creative and I loved the music. Good luck!!”

Nomadic Matt – Travel Blogger and Nomad 🙂

Matt is currently celebrating his birthday in Greece, so he didn’t get a chance to send us “why” he picked each of the contestants. But he did watch all the videos!

1. Yolanda Clatworthy

2. Shanan Gronewoller

3. Emily Agy

Paul Steele – The most influential online travel writer and Bald Hiker!

Paul also had a hard time picking his favorites and actually went back and force… But the hard decisions had to be made.

1. Ita Imelda – “Loves to travel my way as it looks… Explore the land, culture and all that a place has to offer rather than go to the obvious. Love it” 

2. Yolanda Clatworthy – “Loved the video, great energy. Can tell she really wants this, sees what triptrotting is all about and it seems all her friends from around the world feel the same.”

3. Kerra Vick – “This video really got to me… Really shows her feelings and passion for travelling and the trip.”

3. Aurora Marinari – “Fun, positive and seems to really want this. Great entertaining vid. Wonder what she can show when out there :)”

The Sky Steward – Travel expert and spokesperson

1. Emily Agy – “Super fun and full of energy, I absolutely loved her positivity and her welcoming personality. I would love to be hosted in New York or anywhere for that matter with Emily.”

2. Yolanda Clatworthy – “I loved her typewriter and her ability to get all of her friends gathered around to cheer her on.”

3. Shanan Gronewoller – “Shanan was great about sharing a very special message about how interesting our own back yards can be and the gift of hosting! She’s got the Triptrotter spirit!”

Mr Sky Steward couldn’t let go of these guys… So he put his alternates here:

Isamel Cabarcas and Sarah Holdsworth

Vagabondish – One of the world’s most famous Travel Bloggers

1. Yolanda Clatworthy – “This was far and away my favorite video. Yolanda has a magnetic personality, she’s incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and fun. She’s also very passionate and driven to become the “Ultimate Triptrotter” as evidenced by her most creative video.  She clearly put a lot of heart and soul into her submission.”

2. Isamel Cabarcas – “I love his young, wide-eyed energy and enthusiasm.  He’s very passionate about meeting new people and trying new things.I love his young, wide-eyed energy and enthusiasm.  He’s very passionate about meeting new people and trying new things.”

3. Lauren Davis – The thing that first struck me about her video is that Lauren doesn’t take herself too seriously. In my opinion, this is one of the most important personality traits a long-term world traveler needs.  She’s also warm, fun, easy-going and has a genuine curiosity about the world and other cultures.”

Thanks to everyone for participation! Stay tuned for Yolanda’s adventures this summer!:)

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